Have you ever wondered why you are unfruitful in Christ, even after hearing so much word of God?

In this series of messages on Fruitfulness, God's servant, Dr. Chidiebele Udeze unveils the reasons why many Christians despite hearing the word of God are not fruitful, tracing the parable of the sower.

It is a MUST LISTEN for every believer who desires to be fruitful in Christ in this season.


  • Unveiling the Mysteries of Lasting Fruitfulness (PT. 1 & 2) by Dr. Chidiebele Udeze
  • Practical Ways of Bearing Lasting Fruit by Bro. Chukwudi Odoh
  • Practical Ways of Bearing Fruit by  Dr. Chidiebele Udeze
  • The Silent Secret of Abundant Fruitfulness by Dr. Chidiebele Udeze


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